Hello, Mum

It’s a little unconventional to begin a blog’s life with a guest post, but sometimes breaking the rules is just much more fun. And in this case, allows this guest blogger to give a slightly unconventional birthday present to the true blog owner: my mum.

happy birthday mum

It is my lovely mother’s birthday today, so Happy Birthday Mum!

This blog is designed to accommodate photos and things about mother’s 30 Days of Lists progress, which is another part of my ‘you must be crafty now because I say so’ birthday present. Even without the 30 Days of Lists intention, List Woman is the perfect site for my mum (let’s call her Gill, since that’s her name) since she is, and always has been, the superheroine of listing. So much so, in fact, that she actually took on the nickname many moons ago. But I will let her tell you more about that herself sometime (and perhaps some of her adventures alongside sidekick and husband Deckchair Man).

Welcome to the Blogosphere, List Woman.

Love, your wee’un,

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